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Doctoral thesis defence: Ingrid Lundestad

Ingrid Lundestad is defending her doctoral thesis at the University of Oslo on Friday 15 November 2013

The project, entitled “US Security Policy in the Arctic since 1981: American Strategy, Russian Relationship”, has been carried through as part of Geopolitics in the High North. The dissertation analyzes the security policy of the United States in the north over the past thirty years, from the last phase of the Cold War to the current situation, and discusses how this policy fits into broader US strategy and great power relationships.

Lundestad finds that there are stable elements in US regional priorities, such as promoting a secure situation that maintains US interests with regard, for instance, to the freedom of the seas. At the same time, the level of interest in the Arctic and the issues emphasized, have varied. First, in the 1980s, US policy in the region was characterized by the area’s military strategic role in the Cold War. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, its strategic significance declined, and cooperative arrangements came into being. Moving to the current period, the region has attracted renewed attention, with the US starting to assess the prospect of increased activity in the circumpolar north. 

For more information about the defence and trial lecture, see the webpages of the University of Oslo (in Norwegian)

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